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Qiagen TissueLyser II
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 Tissuelyser II is one best among the lot for this purpose and relevant applications. This system is used in the case of throughput ranging from medium to high disruptions.

Qiagen TissueLyser II

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For medium to high throughput sample disruption for molecular analysis Kit contents Bead mill 100 120 220 240 V 50 60 Hz requires the TissueLyser Adapter Set 2 x 24 or TissueLyser Adapter Set 2 x 96 available separately Benefits Convenient and secure disruption process Adapter sets optimized for high throughput disruption Wide range of accessories available Reproducible results with difficult to lyse tissues Front end solution for QIAGEN automation.

Qiagen TissueLyser II provides efficient disruption of biological material in each sample vessel for reproducible, high-quality results in downstream applications such as the purification of total DNA or RNA from various human, animal, and plant tissues. A wide range of QIAGEN sample purification kits is compatible with the TissueLyser. Sample purification can be performed manually or automated using the QIAcube, QIAsymphony SP, EZ1 Advanced, or BioRobot or BioSprint workstation.


Tissuelyser II Disruption Machines from Qiagen

Sample or cell disruption is another prevalent process that aids in different downstream applications. Disruption of a cell is breaking its membrane or wall to release proteins, viruses, etc. This process releases the intracellular fluids that contain these molecules. 

Researchers and people working on the relevant applications achieve cell disruption through various machines like Tissuelyser II to apply high pressure on the cell. The release of high-quality DNA, RNA, and other proteins resulting from cell disruption is useful for extractions and purifications in the later stages. 

We used that instrument commonly for lung virus titers of a gammaherpes virus, as well as occasionally other tissues (spleen, livers) to look for reactivated virus. Worked well. We did a side by side comparison and found equivalent viral titers in a plaque assay. We used the disposable tubes...we found you can wash and autoclave the metal beads and reuse them (again, tested to make sure they were virus free afterwards). Did not reuse tubes (disposable, plastic, I believe 2 mL size)We then transferred the tissue that was in 1 ml of media to a larger tube to make serial dilutions for the assay. Claire Burkum

Rapid and Efficient Disruption

As mentioned above, there are several machines for cell distortion. Tissuelyser II is one best among the lot for this purpose and relevant applications. This system is used for throughput ranging from medium to high disruptions. This is another application-based model from the Qiagen manufacturing company. Look at the specification of these Tissuelyser machines from the Qiagen company. 


  • Size/ Dimensions – standard and metric Qiagen measurements 
  • Frequency – 5-60 Hertz 
  • Weight – 100 lbs. and 45.36 kg. 
  • Voltage – 120 V 
  • The oscillation speed ranges from 3 to 30 Hz (180–1800 oscillations/minute)
  • Throughput – 2 x 96 or 2 x 24 tubes 
  • Technology – bead mill 

Features and Benefits: 

The Tissuelyser II comes in two different variants, i.e., standard and metric. This bead mill disrupts around 48 or 192 samples based on the model at the same time. The operators can quickly access multiple biological samples' protein, RNA, and DNA samples. These systems cater to higher throughput-based applications in relevant fields. The following are some intriguing features of the Tissuelyser model II machines and the benefits from these features. 

1. Reproducible Results: 

These machines, as mentioned above, are designed for functionalities based on higher-throughput applications. Operators can disrupt biological samples, including humans, animals, bacteria, plant tissues, and yeast. This high purification reproducibility of DNA, RNA, mRNA, etc., alongside proteins, is achievable. This is possible for difficult-to-lyse tissues too. 

2. Convenient Disruption: 

The Tissuelyser machines are designed with bead technology. So, the operators place each sample into the tube with a bead. When shaken at high speed, these beads beat and grind the samples fed into the system. In this way, the samples are disrupted while homogenization takes place simultaneously. Moreover, every tube is sealed correctly, so there is no risk of cross-contamination. 

3. Front-end Automation: 

Qiagen has its unique automation techniques for high-throughput sample preparations and their analyses. The Tissuelyser systems perfectly complement these techniques and deliver efficient results. The automation process of DNA, RNA, and protein disruptions is easier because of these techniques. Overall, the instruments are simple and convenient to use. 

The Tissuelyser model II machines provide a secure disruption process and come with a wide range of additional accessories. The systems’ adapter sets are designed to suit higher throughputs. So, the operators have nothing to worry about the machine’s damage. The machines provide reproducible results that help in different applications related to molecular biology. 


  • 5 ml Tube Adapter Set: 11980
  • TissueLyser Adapter Set 2 x 24: 69982
  • TissueLyser Adapter Set 2 x 96: 69984
  • Plate Adapter Set: 11990
  • 2 ml Tube Holder Set: 11993
  • TissueLyser 5 mm Bead Dispenser, 96-Well: 69975
  • TissueLyser 3 mm Bead Dispenser, 96-Well: 69973
  • TissueLyser Single-Bead Dispenser, 5 mm: 69965
  • TissueLyser Single-Bead Dispenser, 7 mm: 69967
  • Grinding Jar set, stainless steel (2x10 ml) with
  • stainless steel grinding balls (20 mm)

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Qiagen TissueLyser II
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