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Perkin Elmer Chemagic 360
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Chemagic 360 Nucleic Acid Extractor helps achieve the results quickly and saves a lot of time diagnosis time and is adaptable to several applications based on DNA and RNA extractions

Chemagic 360

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Chemagic 360 is an innovative instrument that can be adapted to meet almost all of your nucleic acid purification needs for medium to high throughput.

Through Chemagen's M-PVA magnetic microsphere technology, the Chemagic 360 provides high-yield extraction and purification of ultrapure nucleic acids suitable for a wide range of applications and represents the ideal solution for nucleic acid isolation in a wide variety of research market segments, including but not limited to Biobanking, Human Genetics, Bacteria, Virus Detection, GNGS, MLPA, Genotyping, and PCR. The instrument is intended for healthcare professionals, laboratory personnel, or physicians trained in molecular biology techniques.

Chemagic360 is a high-throughput automated nucleic acid extractor based on electromagnetic principles for magnetic bead separation. It can extract nucleic acids from various types of samples. The risk of cross-contamination between samples; the system specifications are 90cm*90cm*95cm, with a built-in automatic dispenser.

Except for samples and some small-volume reagents that need to be manually added to the extraction system, the rest of the nucleic acid extraction reagents are automatically added, greatly reducing manual operation time. Three sizes ( 12, 24, and 96 ) of extraction heads are optional, which can realize 1~96 pieces/batch, process 10μL~10mL original samples, single-well reaction system 1.5mL~40mL, truly realize large-volume sample nucleic acid extraction. Built-in control computer, touch screen operation.

Chemagic 360 Nucleic Acid Extractor Overview

The prominence of nucleic acid analysis has increased drastically over the past few years. Processes like DNA and RNA extractions are needed for numerous downstream applications of molecular biology. So, an automated machine with feasible features is the need of the hour. 

Automation helps achieve the results quickly and saves a lot of time diagnosis time. This, in turn, aids in providing the right treatment for something as soon as possible. So, the world is now looking for efficient automation systems with multiple functionalities. Read to know more about one such system, the Chemagic 360 purification system. 

About the System: 

This system is a nucleic acid extractor with excellent sample volume flexibility and is adaptable to several DNA and RNA applications. The specifications, features, and advantages of the Chemagic 360 systems are as follows. 


  • Size/ Dimensions – 80 x 80 x 90 com. 
  • Throughput – around 96 samples per run 
  • Weight – 140 Kg. 
  • Sample Capacity – 12, 24, and 96 
  • Volume – 10 micros to 10 ml. 
  • Extraction Heads (chemagic Rod Heads): 96
  • Number of Samples: 1 – 96
  • Sample Volumes: 10 μL – 400 μL
  • Tube Plates: 96 well plates
  • Huge kit portfolio – whole blood, saliva, serum/plasma, etc.
  • No cross-contamination
  • Revolutionary compact benchtop design
  • Computer Workstation with Chemagic Software
  • Chemagic 96 Rod Head
  • LCD Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse
  • Communication Cable
  • 120V Power Cord (16A)


The Chemagic 360 machines provide high yields of pure nucleic acids. Some features that lead to the system’s exceptional performance are as follows: 

1. Barcode Reading: 

These systems have an inbuilt barcode reader that helps read the samples easily. Moreover, these readers aid in analyzing the data separately for every sample on the system directly. 

2. Interface: 

The Chemagic machines are programmed with a user-friendly and convenient interface through which the operators can control the machines easily. They can also design unique protocols and feed them to the machine to suit their requirements. The system is programmed with advanced yet understandable software to achieve multifunctionality. 

3. Design and Volume: 

These systems are ergonomically designed for comfortable usage. They come with a flexible sample volume capacity to suit different applications and be programmed as per the application. These machines come in 3 different volume capacities of 12, 24, and 96 samples. The users can pick the appropriate one based on the applications. Moreover, these machines have comfortable dimensions and can fit in with a wide range of requirements. 

Chemagic 360 Advantages: 

The features of the Chemagic machines listed above are only some of the numerous ones and result in the following advantages. 

  • The Chemagic software programmed to the machines provides cost efficiency through optimal buffer or reagent dispensing. It also reduces the hands-on time in preparing the samples for extraction. 
  • These machines have reliable and fast-working membrane pump technologies. 
  • These machines are designed such that there is no cross-contamination of the samples with one another. 
  • The Chemagic machines can be used in different applications like genotyping, NGS, PCR, MLPA, Long-Read Sequencing, etc. 
  • The Chemagic machines also have dedicated models for clinical workflows. 
  • These machines use the M-PVA Magnetic Bead technology to suit a wide range of applications, as mentioned above. 
  • These systems are also integrable with liquid handling platforms. 
  • The Chemagic systems are easy to set up, come with programmed protocols, and allows the users to track the running protocol’s progress during the process. 

Perkin Elmer Chemagic 360 exclusive technology for nucleic acid purification.

Unlike other automated nucleic acid purification instruments, the Chemagic ™ 360 uses transiently magnetized rods to attract magnetic beads after nucleic acid-binding. This key technological feature and the concerted rotation of the rods allow optimal mixing of the samples during the homogenization and washing steps, increasing the yield and purity of the extracted nucleic acid molecules.

Transferring the magnetic beads between the tubes minimizes the possibility of sample contamination between purification steps.


  • Perkin Elmer Chemagic 360 Nucleic Acid Extractor
  • Computer Workstation with Chemagic Software
  • Chemagic 96 Rod Head
  • Chemagic Magnetic Stand 96
  • LCD Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse
  • Communication Cable
  • 120V Power Cord (16A)
  • User Manual
  • 180-Day Warranty
  • Please Note: The unit has been tested by our service team with a clean bill of health. The buyer should have the system professionally installed.

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Chemagic 360
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