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Magna Pure 96
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Magna Pure 96 is Automated purification of nucleic acids that aids with Different systems that use unique technologies and software to achieve the results.

Magna Pure 96

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MagNA Pure 96 can be used for in vitro diagnostics to perform automatic nucleic acid purification. It was introduced from Roche, Germany, and is currently the most advanced instrument for automatic nucleic acid extraction in the domestic and foreign markets.

MagNA Pure 96 is well-manufactured and precise in operation. Two mechanical arms automatically complete the nucleic acid extraction process. Automatic detection will be carried out from start-up to maintenance to the end of the operation, and the intelligent operation process avoids human error. The use efficiency is high, and up to 96 samples of nucleic acid can be extracted simultaneously.

The number of samples processed in a single time is greatly increased, the retention time of the samples is reduced, and the detection effect is improved. There is also a wide range of sample types that can detect different samples, including whole blood, cells, and biological tissues.

The use of the MagNA Pure 96 system from Roche is not limited to clinical diagnostics. Plant extracts, bacterial suspensions, and other complex biological samples can also be processed for further genetic analyzes beyond real-time PCR.


Magna Pure 96 is a high-speed robotic workstation for automated nucleic acid separation.

Automated purification of nucleic acids aid in different downstream applications in the present day. Different systems use unique technologies and software to achieve the results. While some systems use magnetic bead technology, others like the Magna Pure 96 use magnetic glass particle technology. 

Whatever be the technology used, the world is interested in the after-effects or the results from the systems. Moreover, these systems not only extract the nucleic acids but also purify them to suit different requirements. The Magna Pure systems can extract and purify DNA, RNA, and viral nucleic acids. Here is a peek into their specifications and the advantages of using these systems. 

Magna Pure 96 Purification System: 

As mentioned above, the Manga Pure systems can be used in a wide range of applications. These systems’ features provide a flexible usage of the machines and allow several customizations. The following are the specifications of the Magna Pure 96 system. 


  • Dimensions/ Size – 136 x 81.5 x 100 cm. 
  • Volume – 1000 µl 
  • Sample no. – 1-96 reactions per run 
  • Capacity – 10 samples per run
  • Throughput – 50-60 minutes or 80-90 minutes
  • High-speed robotic workstation for fully automated purification of nucleic acids up to 96 samples
  • Sample volume:50 to 500 µL 96 reactions 1000 µL 48 reactions
  • Number of maximum sample types during a period: 10 (whole blood, plasma, serum, urine, foams, stool, sputum, BAL, CSF, bacteria)
  • Operating time for 96 reactions: approximately 50-60 minutes for 200 µL sample volume Approximately 80-90 minutes for 500 µL sample volume
  • Reagent type: pre-filled, ready for use


The Magna Pure systems ensure an efficient molecular diagnostic workflow. These increase the laboratory productivities and are useful in different applications. Some notable features of the Magna Pure systems are as follows. 

1. Pre-filled and Barcoded Kits: 

These systems from Magna Pure are prefilled and are ready to use. These reagent trays are easy to load and operate. These systems are barcoded for loading errors, inventory checks, and process documentation. Overall, these systems present a simplified workflow. 

2. Intuitive Interface: 

The software program in the Magna Pure systems includes an intuitive graphical UI (user interface). It provides every instruction to operate the systems, right from sample loading to start. Moreover, this software also detects loading errors, if any, and notifies the operator for making the necessary corrections. 

3. Throughput and Performance: 

As mentioned above, the Magna Pure systems are entirely automated and provide higher throughputs. These increase the overall productivity and efficiency. Their seamless performance aids inefficient data management and provides expanded capacities for various throughput needs. 

4. Speed: 

The Magna Pure systems provide results way ahead of the others. These take hardly an hour to process the 96-sample run. Moreover, these systems allow the processing of multiple samples in a single run. The best thing about these systems is that the samples are always free from cross-contamination despite faster processing. 


Magna Pure systems have numerous advanced and useful features that provide a lot of advantages. Some benefits from these systems are as follows: 

  • These systems provide time-to-time results rapidly and help in faster detection. 
  • The Pure systems are accompanied by a minimized error risk and low training effort. 
  • These machines have remarkable precision, linear range, and purification efficiencies. 
  • The Magna Pure systems are also insusceptible against all tested substance interfaces. 
  • These systems provide bi-directional file sharing. 
  • The operator would only need two kits to cater to different diagnostic applications, and the systems need a few reagents only. 
  • Extract nucleic acids (DNA and RNA) from more than 10 different sample types using a single protocol
  • Bar code reader that ensures the traceability of samples
  • Ready-to-use reagents
  • Security to prevent cross-contamination
  • Automated robotic arms for pipetting samples and reagents separately


  • Roche MagNA Pure LC DNA Isolation Kit
  • Roche MagNA Pure 96 Plate Holder
  • Roche MagNA Pure 96 Archive Plate Adapter 4S
  • Roche MagNA Pure 96 Needle Set of 4

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Magna Pure 96
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