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CFX Connect Bio Rad
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CFX Connect Real-Time PCR System provides excellent thermal performance for two-target multiplex PCR and routine detection of single fluorophore experiments.

CFX Connect Bio Rad

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CFX Connect real-time PCR detection system offers two-target analysis, excellent thermal cycler specifications, and the same reliable performance as the CFX96 Touch™ real-time PCR detection system. The system incorporates innovative optical technologies with powerful software to maximize reliability and efficiency for all your real-time PCR needs.

CFX Connect Bio Rad accurately validates and analyzes data with the advanced analysis modules of CFX Manager™ software. Accelerated publication submission include MIQE annotations and generate RDML files using Biogazelle's qbasePLUS software

PCR or Polymerase Chain Reaction machine finds its use in DNA replication, detecting its sequences, and various other similar purposes. These machines are also known as thermocyclers and amplify the DNA segments using polymerase chain reactions. Several machines are available for us in the market in the present day. One such best machine is the CFX Connect Bio Rad. Learn more about it here.


CFX Connect Bio Rad Description: 

CFX Connect Bio Rad is the PCR machine launched by the reputed Bio Rad Laboratories. This machine is intended to help researchers looking for a reliable machine under budget. This computer-operated machine uses scanning optics shuttle design as the touch-based CFX96 PCR. It provides peak efficiency needed from a PCR machine by combining innovative optical technologies with high-performance software.


The CFX Connect Bio Rad offers the following intriguing features:

  • Remote personal computers can control it.
  • Integrated solutions and duplex experiments.
  • Advanced analysis modules of CFX Maestro software.
  • Detects up to 2 targets per well and a singleplex FRET-dedicated channel.
  • Thermal gradient feature for optimal annealing temperature.
  • Factory-calibrated dyes, easy setup, and advanced software.  


The CFX Connect from Bio Rad Laboratories comes with intuitive software paired with the following specifications.

  • Temperature – it ranges between 0-100C and an Accuracy of ±0.2 programmed target at 90C. It maintains a ±0.4 well-to-well uniformity within 10 seconds of arriving at 90 degrees.
  • OpticalDetection – It comes with 3 filtered LEDs for excitation and 3 filtered photodiodes for detection. Its wavelength range lies between 450 nm and 580 nm. It has a dynamic range of 10 orders of magnitude.
  • Application – Licensed for a real-time PCR.
  • Sensitivity – it can detect one copy of a target sequence in the human DNA.
  • Wells – 96

This PCR machine also comes with remote control operation, thermal gradient, and various other specifications suiting modern applications.

Components and Configuration: 

The product includes a CFX Connect Thermal Cycler chassis, USB 2.0 cable, CFX Connect Optical 96-well Reaction Module, and an instruction manual. This machine is configurable with other PCR systems so that we can operate it through the software. This instrument’s permutations allow one PC to control up to four different systems.

"This is an easy-to-use, straightforward PCR thermal cycler widely used among molecular biology laboratories throughout the world. Whether you are performing gene expression analyses or copy number variation assays, with the CFX96 you can produce results in less than 30 minutes thanks to the fast thermal cycling; minimize sample and reagent usage, obtaining optimal results with sample volumes as low as 10 microliters, and analyse your results when and where you want with the software which can send an email notification with attached results when a run is finished. I want to highly recommend this product as a powerful tool for your genomic research, providing the reliability you need to boost your discovery! "

Review date: 22 Apr 2021 | CFX Connect Real-Time PCR Detection System with Starter Package

CFX Connect Bio Rad Advantages: 

  • It features 6 thermal electric units that are controlled independently. These provide precise and even control of different temperatures and ramping. 
  • Its programmable thermal gradient feature presents a temperature gradient of 24 degrees at any time across the reaction block.  
  • Its optical system, made of 3 filtered LEDs and photodiodes each, collects the data from the wells and detects two targets from each well. 
  • Its fast-scan feature reads single-channel fluorescence within 3 seconds from all the 96 wells. It has a dedicated LED filter photodiode channel exclusively for the FRET singleplex experiments.
  • Its effortless optimization feature saves time significantly and cuts the costs by optimizing the assays using its thermal gradient. 
  • The CFX Manager Software provides accurate data analysis. It can also detect SYBR Green or EvaGreen through singleplex experiments, apart from the functionality mentioned above.


  • Bio-Rad CFX Connect Real-Time PCR Detection System Power Conditioner, Voltage Regulator, & Battery Backup UPS
  • Laptop
  • CFX Manager Software
  • License for qbase software
  • communication cable
  • reagents
  • optical reaction module
  • 5,000 reactions
  • bio rad t100

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CFX Connect Bio Rad

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