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Perkin Elmer Labchip GX Touch
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The Labchip GX Touch systems use microfluidic techniques for electrophoretic separation and provides rapid characterization while the sample preparation set up and its volume are minimal.

LabChip GX Touch 24

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Labchip GX Touch simplifies various manual processes of slab gel electrophoresis, enabling faster and more accurate analysis and results in real-time than conventional gel electrophoresis. The touch screen interface of Labchip GX Touch is implemented so that even first-time users can learn it quickly and easily. In addition, the LabChip GX touch device has a constant temperature function to prevent band shift phenomena such as frowning/unhappy face shaped in advance.

The LabChip GX Touch HT provides unparalleled data quality and rapid genomic material analysis with results in as little as 30 seconds. DNA and RNA quantitation can be completed hours faster than with agarose gels using automated capillary electrophoresis separation. The microfluidic technology offers a reproducible, high-resolution alternative to time-consuming agarose gel workflows and provides exact sizing and quantitation of DNA fragments and smears down to 5 bp from samples as small as 2 pg/uL.

The LabChip GX Touch system offers various DNA analysis options, including the NGS 3K assay, which provides unparalleled genomic data quality with minimal input requirements. This high degree of sensitivity makes it the ideal instrument for gDNA, cfDNA, and PCR-Free quantitation, where concentrations are low, samples are precious, and their preservation is essential.

Instruments Nucleic Acid Analysis and Protein Characterization CRISPR Analysis

Electrophoresis separation is one process used for DNA and RNA sample extraction. This method uses automatic capillary techniques for the quantitation and sizing of the samples. Such techniques are helpful in the rapid detection of deadly viruses and are used for several other applications. 

These methods were found helpful during the COVID-19 pandemic, as they helped rapidly detect the virus. The RT-PCR tests used to detect the novel coronavirus are generally performed using these techniques. Several systems provide this facility, out of which the Labchip GX Touch produces the best results. 

“LabChip GXII Touch is applicable across the entire biotherapeutic workflow,” Bunch continues, including analytical development and quality control. “One benefit of serving multiple areas along this workflow is continuity of methods and the transfer efficiency of a molecule across developmental boundaries as it matures to a commercial product.”  Angelo DePalma, PhD

Labchip GX Touch Analyzer: 

Every Labchip analyzer performs the quantitation and other techniques mentioned above within seconds and provides accurate results. These machines come equipped with top-end automation and touch technologies to generate high-resolution data. These systems are designed with a microfluidic technology that aids in generating reproducible results. 

System Specifications: 

  • Size/ Dimensions – 27 x 20 x 19.5 cm 
  • Sensitivity – 2 pg/ ul 
  • Resolution – 5 bp 
  • Throughput – 48 and 384 samples at once 

Features and Benefits: 

The Labchip GX systems use microfluidic techniques for electrophoretic separation, as mentioned above. These systems’ design provides rapid characterization while the sample preparation set up and its volume are minimal. The following are some unique features and benefits of the Labchip GX Touch systems: 

1. Rapid and Accurate Results: 

As mentioned above, these machines come with automated technology—this aids in improving the gene addition events’ accuracy, speed, and throughput. The increased accuracy and speed of gene addition analyses help in several downstream applications in different fields. Moreover, these systems are faster in finding out the characteristics of the fed protein, including its molecular weight, purity, concentration, etc. 

2. Flexible Throughput: 

These systems from Labchip are available in two different versions with slight changes in the features. As a result, there is a chance of flexible throughput that is optimal for several applications. As in, the operators can vary the system throughput between 96 and 384 samples, as mentioned above. Machines with flexibility throughout also aid in various applications. 

3. Multiple Assays: 

The Labchip systems cater to multiple assays based on their design. These suit applications like quantitation, molecular weight sizing, purity, glycan analysis, and change variants. These assays are pre-programmed and fed to the systems beforehand. So, the operators have nothing to worry about any developments required for these processes. 

4. Advanced touchscreen technology: 

These systems from Labchip are formulated with an advanced and intuitive touchscreen interface. This is paired with a comprehensive analysis technique through the unique software from Labchip. As a result, the operators can enjoy true high-throughput analytics, analyze results electropherogram, virtual gel, and tabular formats. 

6. Multiple Applications: 

The Labchip equipment design caters to a wide range of applications, as mentioned above. These platforms support multiple assays for identifying and characterizing the proteins in non-reduced and reduced samples. Some of them include: 

  • Aggregation 
  • Analyzing critical quantity attributes within 42 seconds 
  • Purity assessment 
  • Stability (fragmentation analysis/ degradation) 
  • Impurity analysis to detect minor impurities 
  • Concentrating and sizing titer 

We recommend Labchip GX Touch For:

  1. Laboratories that use slab gels or competitive chips to analyze large amounts of samples
  2. Those who want to reduce the complicated electrophoresis process, long experiment time, and cost of consumables
  3. Those who want to store and manage experimental data easily after analysis
  4. Those who want to quickly and accurately analyze DNA/RNA samples such as qualitative, quantitative, and size up to a maximum size (<40kb) with a minimum concentration (1pg/ul)
  5. Those who have experienced the phenomenon that the band appears as a frown/unhappy face shape

For research use only. Not for diagnostic procedures.

  • LabChip GX Touch 24 Nucleic Acid Analyzer with 48 Sample Quantity
  • LabChip GX Touch HT Nucleic Acid Analyzer with 384 Sample Quantity

Supporting Regulatory Compliance

Perkin Elmer's LabChip GX Touch instruments with LabChip GxP Software are computerized systems designed to automate the analysis of DNA, RNA, or proteins using PerkinElmer Sipper Chip technologies. The systems allow the users to create, modify, and maintain the records in electronic form and allow the users to perform electronic signatures on the records generated from the system. It takes a combination of administrative controls, procedural controls, and technical controls for the users of a computerized system to comply with 21 CFR Part 11 regulations.

The LabChip GxP Software contains built-in technical controls and features specifically designed to support 21 CFR Part 11, compliance users. These technical controls and features include user account management and access controls, device check, enforcing permitted sequencing of steps, audit trails, record copying, record retention, system documentation, and electronic signature controls.

The testing we performed:

The Perkin LabChip GXII Touch Protein Characterization system passed the following tests:
  • Tested memory: PASSED
  • Tested disk space: PASSED
  • Tested fan operation: PASSED
  • Tested temperature sensor: PASSED
  • Tested humidity sensor: PASSED
  • Tested Marker pressure: PASSED
  • Tested Priming pressure: PASSED
  • Tested Sipping pressure: PASSED
  • Tested homing optics: PASSED
  • Tested plate handler: PASSED
  • Tested plate sensor: PASSED
  • Tested laser power readback: PASSED

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LabChip GX Touch 24
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