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Bio Rad CFX Opus
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CFX Opus Bio-Rad system with enhanced performance and improved connectivity. This PCR machine helps conduct translational and basic research, quality control, and process development. 

CFX Opus 384

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CFX Opus is an upgraded version of the CFX96 Touch Cycle, which has become the gold standard for real-time PCR instruments. A unique thermoblock is installed in the new device, distinguished by the high uniformity and accuracy of maintaining temperatures. In addition to a modern, laconic design, the device has a more user-friendly interface with advanced network functions, which allows for more efficient data and device management.

CFX Opus 96 and CFX Opus 384 Real-Time PCR Systems represent the next generation of the company’s CFX Real-Time PCR Systems used in research and genomic testing, pathogen detection, and infectious disease testing.

The CFX Opus employs the same optical design used across Bio-Rad’s portfolio of CFX products and offers enhanced usability with features designed for academic, commercial, and biopharma labs to conduct basic and translational research, process development, and quality control.


CFX Opus Bio Rad for Real-Time PCR Assays

Bio Rad Laboratories are known for their exceptional devices with premium-quality performances. The company launched sever PCR machines in the CFX series. Another addition to its list is the CFX Opus Bio Rad system with enhanced performance and improved connectivity. This PCR machine helps conduct translational and basic research, quality control, and process development. 

"The CFX Opus Systems expand the Bio-Rad family of life science tools, helping our customers find answers to complex biological questions," said Annette Tumolo, Bio-Rad Executive Vice President and President Life Science Group. "The addition of cloud connectivity offers customers a simplified qPCR experience and demonstrate Bio-Rad’s commitment to developing robust solutions to meet customers’ needs within the ever-evolving landscape of genomics research and diagnostics," she said.


This machine from Bio Rad is the advanced version of the company’s previous PCR machine, CFX. These machines were used in genomic testing, research, pathogen detection, and infectious disease testing. The CFX Opus Bio Rad comes in two models and with the same optical designs used in Bio Rad’s CFX portfolio products. But the Opus models offer better usability and comes inbuilt with different features that suit commercial, academic, and biopharma labs. 


  • Size/Dimensions – 13 x 22 x 24 inches. 
  • Wells – 96 or 384 versions 
  • Temperature Range – 0-100 degrees 
  • Excitation source – 6 filtered LEDs 
  • Sensitivity – 1 copy of target sequence 
  • Connectivity – USB 2.0 
The maximum rate of temperature change CFX Opus 96: 5 ° C / s CFX Opus 384: 2.5 ° C / s
The average rate of temperature change CFX Opus 96: 3.3 ° C / s CFX Opus 384: 2 ° C / s
Heating and cooling technology Peltier
Lid (Cover heating) 30-110 ° C
Range 4-100 ° C
Accuracy of temperature maintenance ± 0.2 ° C at set point 90 ° C
Reproducibility ± 0.3 ° C well to after 10 seconds after reaching the target
Working Range 30-100 ° C
Programmable interval 1–24 ° C
Optical capabilities
Excitation CFX Opus 96: 6 LED with filters CFX Opus 384: 5 LED with filters
Detection CFX Opus 96: 6 photodiodes with filters CFX Opus 384: 5 photodiodes with filters
Excitation wavelength range CFX Opus 96: 450-684 nm CFX Opus 384: 450-650 nm
Radiation wavelength range CFX Opus 96: 510-730 nm CFX Opus 384: 515-690 nm
Sensitivity Detects 1 copy of the target sequence in human DNA
Dynamic range 10 orders of magnitude
OS Windows 10, macOS
Sample capacity 96 and 384 well versions
Sample volume CFX Opus 96: 1-50 μl (10-50 recommended) CFX Opus 384: 1-30 μl (5-30 recommended)
Interface USB 2.0
Electrical certifications IEC, CE
Dimensions (dimensions) Width: 33 cm × Depth: 56 cm × Height: 36 cm Width: 13 inches × Depth: 22 inches × Height: 14 inches
Mass (often, weight) 22 kg / 48 lb
Touchscreen Tilt angle 15 ° –22 °
Embedded software Windows 10 IoT

What's new?

  • New design: reduced height of the device and a sliding back cover provide more options for placing the device on work surfaces;
  • The updated Honeycomb thermoblock ("honeycomb") provides high uniformity of temperature maintenance throughout the block (± 0.3 ° C) (Fig. 1);
  • Large touchscreen display with improved responsiveness and adjustable tilt angle;
  • The updated interface is simple and easy to use;
  • Patented shuttle optical system technology does not require calibration and allows you to read information from each well with high accuracy and without crosstalk (Fig. 2);
  • Controlled by CFX Maestro 2.0 software, which enables automatic statistical analysis of data and produces publishable graphics.


As mentioned above, CFX Opus is available in two variants, i.e., CFX Opus 96 and CFX Opus 384. Here, the numbers represent the wells they have. The following are some features of the Opus PCR machines from Bio Rad. 

  1. These machines come with factory-calibrated optics and a simple installation process. 
  2. The machines are probably the best from Bio-Rad in terms of accuracy and thermal uniformity. 
  3. Both models come with Wi-Fi connectivity options and cloud platform analysis tools. 
  4. The systems come with a sensitive modern touchscreen. The technology is so advanced and effective that the touch mechanism works efficiently even after wearing two gloves. 
  5. The systems are programmed with an upgraded interface and advanced, intuitive software. It is easier to use these systems now. 
  6. The optical system in these machines is uniform and doesn’t require regular calibrations. 
  7. The 96-well model comes with a 5-color detection mechanism, and the 384-well model has the general 4-color detection mechanism. 

CFX Opus Advantages: 

Both the Opus models come inbuilt with advanced features and upgrades. Using these is no longer a complicated process. Moreover, these machines offer the following advantages to the users. 

  1. The unique block design provides a tight thermal uniformity. This, in turn, helps in improving the well-to-well consistency while performing real-time PCR experiments and analysis. 
  2. These machines are capable of performing Gene expression without the ROX requirement, protein thermal shift assays, end-point analysis useful for sequence detection, and optimizing the assays using the thermal gradient.  
  3. Both machines are incorporated with improved connectivity options that take the whole performance to a whole new level. 
  4. The touchscreen interface in the machines is redesigned to deliver a top-notch intuitive experience for real-time PCR operators. The system efficiency also improves as a result of this technology. 
  5. The upgraded features of the machines also include the e-signature and Audit compatibility. These are included as a part of the CFX Maestro Security Addition Software. 


  • 96-well / 384-well
  • 4-color / 5-color plus FRET
  • the network-connected real-time PCR detection system
  • cables
  • software, reagents, and consumables
  • Low-profile 0.2 mL 8-tube strip w/o caps, natural color/120 strips (960 tubes)
  • Low profile Multiplate / 25 plates/pk
  • Hard-shell 96 plates, White shell/clear well / 50 plates/pk
  • 8-strip Flat caps for 0.2 mL tubes and plates, Ultraclear / 120 strips
  • 'B' Clear Adhesive Seal / 100 sheets

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CFX Opus 384
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