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Mindray BC-3000 Plus
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Mindray BC-3000 Plus is an automatic hematology analyzer with a robust built and is ideal for use in laboratories. 

Mindray BC-3000

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Mindray BC-3000 Plus is a fully automated analyzer performing hematological analysis on whole blood collected on EDTA tubes. The ratio between EDTA and whole blood must be between 1 to 2 mg per ml of blood. The samples should be used at room temperature no longer than 4 hours after collection.


About Mindray BC-3000 Plus

The Mindray BC-3000 Plus is an automatic hematology analyzer from the Chinese company, Mindray. It is one of many products in the BC range of hematology analyzers from Mindray. Despite its small size, it has a robust built and is ideal for use in laboratories. The BC-3000 Plus is like an upgraded version of the BC-3000, also another product from Mindray.

The unit has received plenty of rave reviews from users worldwide. And we will talk about the features that make it a reliable device in this review. So let's dive into it.

An outline of the Mindray BC-3000 Plus

Build for use in laboratories, this well-crafted unit has all the necessary features for getting the job done. The device weighs about 46 pounds and stands at the height of 460 mm with a width of 390 mm and 400 mm thickness.

Despite being small and portable, it has a high storage capacity and robust operating software. In fact, the storage capacity of the BC-3000 Plus is more than other products in the series. And it is very economical which requires minimum maintenance. Let us have a closer look at all the different features you can get from the Mindray BC-3000 Plus.

Main Specifications and Features:

  • The sizeable 800x600 color LCD will do reading and analyzing data easily.
  • It has a microsampling of 30 µl (microliter).
  • It features a three-part differentiation of samples. This includes 19 parameters, including WBC, RBC, and three histograms of blood samples.
  • The unit can perform two counting modes, i.e., whole blood and pre-diluted blood.
  • The BC-3000 Plus has a throughput volume of 60 samples in a single hour.
  • This compact device has a huge storage capacity and can store up to 35,000 sample readings. It includes histograms and other graphical content.
  • The reagents are free of cyanide ensuring safety and hazardous risks.
  • The automatic printer (optional) can produce multiple printout formats on 50 mm wide paper.
  • It has a linearity range of 0.3-99.9 for White Blood Cells and 0.20-8.00 for Red Blood Cells.
  • The sample volume for whole blood is 13 µl and 20 µl for prediluted blood
  • Whenever there are errors, it can display 41 error messages.
  • It features comprehensive QC programs for high accuracy and function.

How does the BC-3000 Plus operate?

The Mindray BC-3000 Plus uses the Coulter method for determining the WBC, RBC, and PLT. On the other hand, the Colorimetric method determines the HGB. It can scan two blood sample types, i.e., whole blood and prediluted samples.

  • To analyze a whole blood sample, we must present it to the sample probe. Then, press the aspirate button to add 13 µl of the sample into the analyzer.
  • To analyze a capillary sample, we must manually dilute the sample and present it to the sample probe.


The BC-3000 Plus is a reliable and efficient device for performing all your research tasks on the go. What's more, you get an efficient user interface coupled with the latest software design. It is yet another excellent addition to the massive range of top-quality medical types of equipment from Mindray.

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Mindray BC-3000
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