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Sysmex XN-450
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Sysmex XN-450 is the compact design 6-part differential analyzer with Accurate erythrocyte and platelet counts and cyanide-free sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) method for the determination of hemoglobin.

Sysmex XN-450

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Sysmex XN-450 is the compact design 6-part differential analyzer with an integrated computer for analysis of samples in closed and open tubes that easily fits on any bench or laboratory space.

This innovative solution maintains the Sysmex tradition of confidence in the results since it uses the technology of fluorescent flow cytometry for the differential count, including immature granulocytes (IG) in all the hemograms, in addition to the methodology of impedance and hydrodynamic approach for the count. Accurate erythrocyte and platelet counts and cyanide-free sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) method for determining hemoglobin.

The new Sysmex XN-L series of hematology analyzers will take your research to the next level. The analyzer has unique diagnostic capabilities not available to other devices in this class.

Benefits At A Glance

  • XN-L hematology analyzers feature a small and compact footprint.
  • Standardization – XN-L can provide standardized testing from Core Lab to satellite labs, and affiliated Clinics and POLs
  • L-WBC (Low WBC Mode) – Standard – Improves reliability of analysis
  • RET – for enumerated retics and anemia management offering, Immature Retic Fraction (IRF), and Reticulocyte Hemoglobin (RET-He)
  • XN-BF – (Body Fluid) provides the ability to directly measure body fluids.
  • Onboard Rules – provide efficient Repeat, Rerun, Reflex based on your own criteria.

Sysmex XN-450 is the World leader in Hematology.

The Sysmex XN-450 analyzer can analyze one tube with an open or closed cap.

The XN-L series offers optimal solutions for specialized departments and laboratories:

  • Pediatrics. Low aspiration volume and the ability to enumerate immature (IG) and activated (HFLC 1 ) cells.
  • Dialysis centers. Information on reticulocyte hemoglobinization (RET-H e ) and CAPD fluid analysis for patient monitoring.
  • Neurology. Fast analysis of various biological fluids.
  • Oncology. Accurate analysis of leukopenic samples (L-WBC 2 ) to accurately estimate neutrophil counts during chemotherapy.

The parameter is exploratory. Application is optional.

Sysmex XN-450 XN-L advantages:

CBC : more than standard analysis

  • No interference from lysis-resistant erythrocytes and other particles
  • Possibility of differential diagnosis of micro- and macrocytic anemias (MicroR, MacroR)

XN- DIFF : 6-diff analysis and more

  • Count of immature granulocytes (IG) in each blood test
  • Assessment of the concentration of atypical lymphocytes (HFLC *) observed in viral infections and oncohematological processes
  • Evaluation of activation and morphology of neutrophils (NE-SFL * and NE-SSC *) for the study of infectious and oncohematological processes
  • Detection and counting of normoblasts (NRBC *)

RET : all erythropoiesis at a glance

  • Counting of mature and immature reticulocytes (RET, IRF)
  • Determination of hemoglobinization of reticulocytes (RET-H e ) for the diagnosis of iron deficiency
  • Wide and a list of quantitative parameters for prognostic diagnosis of anemia (RBC-H e , H Delta- e , HYPO-H e , H HYPER- e , FRC *, * RPI)
  • Recalculation of erythrocyte indices in case of interference at high MCHC (parameters CBC-O *)
  • Accurate platelet count in case of interference (PLT-O) without the need for manual counting

XN-BF : impressive analysis of biological fluids

  • No sample pretreatment
  • Accurate counting even at low cell concentrations due to 3 times the analyzed sample volume
  • Counting and differentiation of leukocytes allows you to distinguish an infectious process from an allergic reaction
  • Abnormal cell count (HF-BF *) for the diagnosis of cancer processes

The parameter is research

XN's high standards:

The unique Aged Sample Identifier feature allows you to identify old samples. Flagging samples that have been stored incorrectly or for longer than expected can reduce the number of smears by effectively preventing false positive flagging when a sample is suspected to be malignant.

A special iRBC flagging algorithm during the analysis of each sample makes it possible to detect red blood cells infected with malaria plasmodium *.

not a gold standard. The diagnosis requires confirmation by other methods.

With the XN-450, you can run single samples safely in closed mode. The instrument offers open mode too, and comes with a fully integrated IPU, including an LCD color touchscreen that makes it easy to operate. It incorporates the proven Sysmex technologies of fluorescence flow cytometry, hydrodynamic focussing, and our cyanide-free SLS method for determining haemoglobin.

Ready for the future, it can be upgraded by adding new clinical and productivity values, or by opting for further professional services and connecting to our Extended IPU as your demands change.

Sysmex XN-450 Specifications

Dimensions / Weight W x H x D [mm / kg ] XN-450: 450 x 440 x 460 / approx. 35 Kg
Performance up to 60 tests / hour in whole blood mode up to 70 tests / hour in whole blood mode with optional Speed-up license
Aspiration volume 25 μl in whole blood mode, 70 μl in predilution mode and work with biological fluids
Investigated parameters Whole blood WBC, RBC, HGB, HCT, MCV, MCH, MCHC, PLT, RDW-SD, RDW-CV, PDW, MPV, P-LCR, PCT, NEUT #, LYMPH #, MONO #, EO #, BASO # , NEUT%, LYMPH%, MONO%, EO%, BASO%, IG #, IG%, MicroR, MacroRRET analysis (optional) RET #, RET%, IRF, LFR, MFR, HFR, RET-He, RBC- He, Delta-He, HYPO-He, HYPER-He, PLT-O 

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Sysmex XN-450
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