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Explore the MiSeqDx DNA Sequencer by Illumina. Designed for clinical diagnostics, this sequencer combines accuracy, versatility, and a user-friendly interface, paving the way for advanced genetic insights and personalized medicine.


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The MiSeqDx DNA Sequencer is a product developed by Illumina, a leading company in the realm of genomics and DNA sequencing technologies. The MiSeqDx represents a significant advance in the application of next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology, especially in the clinical diagnostics space.

"The MiSeq DX System is easy to use. It produces high quality reproducible results. Runs better when used frequently. Great value for the money. Produces high resolution typing sequencing results."

The MiSeqDx instrument is the first Food and Drug Administration (FDA)-regulated and Conformite Europeene in vitro diagnostic (CE-IVD)-marked platform for NGS. The MiSeqDx instrument meets stringent performance characteristics so you can feel confident you are generating accurate and reliable data. With the MiSeqDx System, clinicians and clinical laboratories now have the tools to obtain comprehensive and reliable DNA sequencing results.

To comprehend its significance and features more profoundly, let's approach the MiSeqDx DNA Sequencer with a research-oriented lens:

Key Features:

  1. Clinical Diagnostics: Unlike many NGS systems primarily intended for research purposes, the MiSeqDx is specifically designed for clinical diagnostic applications. This means it meets stringent regulatory standards for clinical assays and workflows.

  2. Versatility: The system is versatile and can be used for a range of applications, from targeted gene sequencing to metagenomics, small genome sequencing, and more.

  3. User-Friendly Interface: With an integrated software system, MiSeqDx simplifies the sequencing process, making it accessible for clinical labs without extensive NGS experience.

  4. Accuracy: MiSeqDx uses a two-channel SBS (sequencing by synthesis) technology, which aids in providing accurate and reliable results.

Research Implications:

  1. Clinical Translational Research: As a diagnostics-focused sequencer, the MiSeqDx can bridge the gap between academic research and clinical application. It can be used to validate findings from research-grade sequencers in a clinical setting.

  2. Personalized Medicine: In the realm of personalized medicine, where treatment decisions are guided by an individual's genetic makeup, the MiSeqDx holds promise. It can be employed in research aiming to understand individual variations in drug metabolism or disease susceptibility.

  3. Microbial Genomics: With its capability for small genome sequencing and metagenomics, MiSeqDx is also positioned well for research into microbial communities, whether in human health (like the gut microbiome) or environmental settings.

  4. Assay Development: The flexibility of the MiSeqDx means that researchers can develop and validate new clinical assays, from oncology to infectious diseases.

Significance in the Medical and Scientific Fields:

The introduction of platforms like the MiSeqDx is changing the landscape of clinical diagnostics. By bringing the power of NGS into the clinical lab, it's paving the way for more accurate diagnostics, better understanding of diseases at the genetic level, and more informed treatment strategies.

Refurbished/Like New (35 runs only/0 in DX mode) Illumina Miseq DX DNA sequencer serviced, deinstalled and crated in the original crate by a former llumina engineer. System includes embedded touch screen monitor and oninstrument computer, dual surface imaging capability, and MiSeq Software Suite. Also including wireless keyboard and mouse.


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The MiSeqDx DNA Sequencer represents the intersection of advanced genomics technology with clinical medicine. It embodies the growing trend of personalized medicine and the broader application of genomics in the clinical realm. As with any diagnostic tool, it's crucial that its application is guided by rigorous, peer-reviewed research, ensuring its utility is maximized safely and effectively in patient care.

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