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VetScan VS2 is a veterinary biochemical analyzer for express diagnostics ideal for veterinary practices, clinics, and research laboratories.

VetScan VS2
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VetScan VS2 New Generation is a small chemistry instrument with a reference range for dogs, cats, horses, rabbits, mice, rats, cows, sheep, reptiles, and birds. VetScan VS2 analyzes 25 parameters in general chemistry, immunochemistry, blood gas, and electrolytes.

VetScan VS2 is a veterinary biochemical analyzer for express diagnostics at the point of treatment, using 10 profiles to choose from just two drops of blood.

The VetScan VS2 is a masterpiece in chemistry, electrolyte, immunology, and blood gas analyzers that delivers uncompromising accuracy from just two drops of whole blood, serum, or plasma.

The VetScan VS2 is an amazingly simple and intuitive analyzer with benchmark accuracy and a 12-minute run time, making it ideal for veterinary clinics, mobile stations, research labs, and pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. The VS2 is ideal for veterinary practices, clinics, and research laboratories.

VetScan VS2 Features

Easiest operation and connect.

The device guides the user through an intuitive touch screen. The analysis is started by a single push of a button. The reagent rotors are factory calibrated, and no calibration is required. Each rotor has an automatic quality check and HIL detection (hemolytic, lipemic, and icteric properties). The device requires no maintenance and can be connected to the most common patient data systems.

Great flexibility

The VetScan VS2™ analyzes up to 14 different parameters, grouped into 8 different indication-related diagnostic profiles. Analyzes from the areas of clinical chemistry, electrolytes, immunological tests, and blood gases can be covered with just one device.

Reliable results

By using wet chemical analysis reactions, precision and accuracy are comparable to results from large laboratories.

Intelligent quality control

Both reagent and sample quality are automatically checked during the analysis cycle. You can rely on the results!

Minimum sample requirement

The VetScan VS2™ determines up to 14 different parameters from 100 µl of whole blood! Even for your smallest patients - whether puppies or kittens, reptiles or birds - you can carry out laboratory analyses with the VetScan VS2™.

Real-time medicine for the veterinary practice

The VetScan VS2™ determines up to 14 different parameters in just 8 minutes. Since the analysis is carried out directly from whole blood, there is no longer need time-consuming sample preparation by centrifugation. The urgent diagnoses can be made immediately, and necessary therapies can be initiated!

Clear results management

Reference values ​​for up to 99 different animal species can be stored in the device. The analysis results are printed out by the device or transferred directly to all common practice management programs. Up to 5000 results can be stored in the device itself.

Benefits of using VetScan VS2 

  • The analysis results using profiles give the veterinarian a holistic picture of the patient's general condition.
  • Profiles help to identify the presence of multisystem diseases that may go unnoticed when analyzing only individual parameters.
  • Profiles provide a convenient database for disease monitoring • Profiles provide a basis for analyzing general trends (health and life extension programs)
  • Profiles help veterinarians identify the root cause of potential disease, allow identification of affected organs, and check animal vital signs.
  • Testing individual parameters gives only an idea about this parameter and does not show the overall picture necessary for qualitative analysis.  

Abaxis (now Zoetis) Vetscan VS2 Chemistry and Vetscan HM5 Hematology System. These are 2nd Generation analyzers, which are the most current models offered. We have several systems available. All analyzers we sell are in excellent condition with only minor normal wear. The analyzers have been thoroughly cleaned and tested and are guaranteed to work upon arrival. We are very familiar with these particular analyzers and give them a thorough "tune-up" so they are ready for the new user.

For the VS2, this includes disassembly with chassis cleaning, cleaning of internal sensors, cleaning of barcode sensor, updating software, and self-test diagnostics. We have a great deal of technical experience with these systems. 




cat, dog, horse, cattle, pig, sheep, rabbit, ferret, guinea pig, rat, mouse, different birds, reptiles


  • Dimensions: 32.4 cm (H), 15.3 cm (W), 20.3 cm (D)
  • Weight: 5.1 kg
  • Sample volume: ~ 100 µl Sample type: whole blood, plasma or serum
  • Results : Approximately 12 minutes
  • Reaction temperature: 37° C, wet chemistry
  • Memory: 5,000 results
  • Maintenance: Air filter cleaning
  • Languages: English (default), Spanish, German, Italian, French


  • Vetscan VS2 (2nd Generation)
  • Abaxis Keyboard
  • New Reagent Tubing Kit
  • Sample Tube Holder
  • Pipette
  • Pipette Tips
  • Printer Paper
  • PDF Manuals
  • Original Abaxis Power Supplies
  • Power Supply and Power Cord
  • Brand New USB Mini-Keyboard 
  • 120-Day Warranty
  • Full Quality Assurance Testing
  • Free Shipping
  • Warranty Extension Options
  • The system is fully ready to test

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VetScan VS2

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